Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday-self pampering

Oh well as for now,d self pampering im talking bout is actually by lil sista and our abah. Treat him for a detox session plus massage here at The Mall(yep,only them *sigh*)

This is daddy first massage.he was scared earlier till his bp hike up to 157. Hehh daddy d innocent scared of anonymous masseuse see him halfnaked lol :)

Im meeting my mom at her new hse afterwards.mixed up feelings.scared-nervous-miss- semua sum up jadi rojak lol. Y am i scared meeting my mom?

Daddys done! Sambung later!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Why did I start blogging

I've always get inspired by people who can open up and share their thoughts of their life. In fact when I get bored, or confuse of which path of life should I take, I googled for some interesting blog and get their stories to polish up mine..heh!I found myself having waaay too much time for myself to kacau d ppl in my life and get bored of shopping malls. Besides,I loveee talking and nagging and hey, why not start writing ey? Might find new skills too *I hope*

So here goes my first blog! :)

New blogger